A downloadable speedy goblin shredder for Windows

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Zipping, swinging, crossbow shielding, slow-mo sniping goblin slaughter!

High Speed Action

Use zip-lines, swinging ropes, and giant bouncy mushrooms to traverse through the air at top speeds while killing everyone in your path, like a true hero.

Goblin Massacre

Aim mid-air to slow time and precisely execute all kinds of ugly foes, from Hobwaks to Lafrats. Don’t mess up, or they’ll mock your tactics and crush your fragile ego!

Customize Your Look

Enter a futuristic realm between levels to change outfits and accessories. Make bold fashion statements on the battlefield.


See how your skills match up with other real players. Improve your score through speed and precision to achieve your dream of being the best in the world at something!

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suggestion: add a way to block arrows / shield

Patch 0.5 will be coming soon with a whole new combat system with the ability to block arrows :)

Add the ability to change the resolution for lowered systems

Patch 0.5 is on its way with graphics, sound, music and auto-aim settings :D

Great, I can’t wait!


love the animation and pace of it! Could definitely add more in the future and more animation to have more of action. Great job

This video is AMAZINGGG!!!!

thank you

(2 edits)

This game looks sweet. I would just recommend to make a DEDICATED trailer showing all of the amazing things of the game, and update the in game font. I would totally get it even if it cost 10 bucks. (Marketing also helps ;)  )

Thank you for checking out our game!! We will surely make an all inclusive trailer once we add more content and polish, we only started this a week ago after all! :)

Third video of Sherwood Extreme

Second video of Sherwood Extreme

First video of Sherwood Extreme